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Tarzan Fishing Adventures

We aim to provide the most authentic Peacock Bass fishing experience in the Amazon Jungle.


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Come Catch Peacock Bass in the Amazon!

Peacock Bass Amazon Rainforest

Why Us ?

Sport fisherman from all over the world come to the amazon to experience world class peacock bass fishing.

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What To Expect on Our Trips!


The Uatumã and Jatapu rivers are the main rivers of which we will be fishing for peacock bass, pirarara, piraiba etc.

Both Rivers are famous for their extensive peacock bass and catfish populations.


What Fish to Catch

Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass Amazon Rainforest

The most aggressive fish in the amazon waters. With multiple peacock bass fish species living in the amazon.

Our experienced guides have been fishing for Tucunaré since childhood. we know the best places where to find the largest Peacock Bass.

be prepared to catch all types when fishing the famous Uatumã and jatapu rivers.


Arapaima / Pirarucu

These air breathing creatures date back millions of years. unfortunately, the Pirarucu/ arapaima population has dwindled over the last century.

Araipaima are heavily desired for their meat and easy to spot when they come to the surface to breath.

These monster fish can grow to 300lbs and love to jump out of the water in a fight - be prepared!

Here at tarzan Fishing adventures we operate with a catch and release policy to help preserve these and the other fish in the amazon.

Arapaima / Pirarucu

Pirara - Red Tail Cat Fish


these stocky catfish are true tanks in the water.

Red Tail Catfish are a joy to catch.

when removing them from the water, don't be alarmed by the heavy grunting that they emit from their gills on the underside of their body.

If this is a what you would like to catch, the local guides have their spots where you can catch a giant .

This bad boy on your left was 200lbs! and caught by our friend Fernando.



These catfish, often referred to as the goliath catfish, are the largest of the amazonian catfish.

if you want to catch a true monster in the amazon, look no further as these fish can get up to 400lbs in size!

Here at Tarzan Fishing adventures we have our own secrets on how and where you can bring in a monster this size!


What to pack for the Amazon?

Our campsite

bass boats

Bass Boats

Explore the AMAZON!


What is included? (Click here)

6 or 4 Days of fishing/ Pick Up and Drop Off From your Hotel and Airport/ Fishing Gear And Equipment/ Food and Beverage (Non Alcoholic and Alcoholic)/ 3 Full Meals per day + Snacks / Private or Shared Room Options

The most competitive prices in the amazon

* Inquire for our special rate for children under 16 *

What's not included?(Click here)

Hotel Bookings in Manaus and Plane Tickets * We recommend you bring your own Lures. We provide rods and lines.

The season has begun, book your dates and come away with us on a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

We offer 6, 4 and 1 day fishing vacations.

Our 6 and 4 day excursions located outside of Manaus Run from September to January (end).

Our 1 day excursions run all year Round

You may choose the days you would like to arrive and then request to book using the calendar below.

we will send you a confirmation within 24 hours once we receive your request along with further details to proceed with your trip.

Payment is only necessary after everything is confirmed.
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