The wolf Fish

What is the Aimara aka Wolf fish

The hoplias aimara , otherwise known as Trairão, aimara and wolf fish.

Although generally referred to as wolf fish, it is not one singular fish. There are roughly ten species of wolf fish - the name trairão is the brazilian name given to the giant amazonian wolf fish.

This amaira fish species have 'dog like' canine teeth hence their name.

They also have a second set of teeth in their throat. Anglers must be prepared with plyers and metal leaders in they plan on catching a wolf wolf.

Do not confuse the trairão with its smaller cousin the traira. Both these fish are of the wolf fish species with the ladder being a much smaller version.

What is the Aimara's habitat? And what is the Wolf fish's diet?

The Aimara are found in the slack waters and fast rivers of Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela.

the wolf fish is most active at dusk and during the night.

The wolf fish feeds off other fish and invertebrates.

They are known to be hyper aggressive, attacking everything in site and would not hesitate to bite a human hand or foot if you happen to swim too close.

How big can Amaira's get ? and what is the biggest Trairão ever caught?

a full grown wolf fish is normally are between 25-35 inches and normally weigh around 55-60 lbs.

The largest trairão (giant amazonian wolf fish) ever caught was 39 inches (100 centimetres) and 88 pounds (40kg)pounds caught in venezuela.

Other interesting wolf fish facts

Did you know? The Trairão can breath air. Like the arapaima this allows them to live in waters with low levels of oxygen. You may find them in murky ponds, swampy areas and drainages - where it is common to hear and see them come up to the surface for gulps of air.

Did you know? The aimaira wolkd fish can travel on land? Since they are able to breath air, they can also survive for small periods on land. This allows them to move from one body of water to another. This adaptation is excellent for leaving dried up ponds into another pond with water and most importantly FOOD.

Did you know? Wolf fish are more aggressive and ferocious than piranhas so BE CAREFUL

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