Best Fishing Spots in the World

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Between tranquil lakes, roaring rivers, deep oceans, and everything in between, the various places to catch fish around the world provide much more than an opportunity to reel something in. These spots are often beautiful and a nature lover’s paradise.

Fishing trips can take many forms – you can simply spend a few hours with a rod in the water, or plan an entire vacation around landing a trophy game fish. You can work a fly from river banks, drop a line into a hole in the ice, book a seat on a charter boat Baccarat Online Uang Asli into the deep ocean, or get in the water with a spear. Even if you don’t manage to snag anything, a day on the water is usually still enjoyable for those who love fishing.

Whether you’re a total beginner or a quasi-professional, most anglers probably want to find the spots with the best fish populations to maximize their chances. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the world’s best fishing spots – from the east coast to the west coast, the streams of the Rocky Mountains to the lakes of the plains, and in foreign countries around the world – these are some of the fisherman favorites.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is equivalent to a wonder of the world for people who love diving and snorkeling. It’s also home to some world-class fishing, specifically for giant species.

The reef stretches over 1,400 miles, and it’s not hard to find a spot to cast a line. Lizard Island is one spot that stands out. While you can hook trevally, mackerel, queenfish, grouper, coral trout, and much more here, it’s the giant black marlin that stands out – every September to December, catches of more than 1,000 pounds are reeled in.

Lizard Island is spectacular besides the fishing, too, thanks to its beautiful resort, but it can be expensive and too remote for some. An alternative is to stay in the mainland city of Cairns, which has an abundance of hotels and fun things to do. You can take a charter boat out to the Great Barrier Reef or have the exciting experience of catching the local barramundi species at a farm.

2. Great Lakes & St. Lawrence River

This is an admittedly very large fishing destination that spans two countries and contains dozens, if not hundreds, of individual fishing spots. The Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence River that empties them into the Atlantic hold a sizeable amount of the world’s freshwater, as well as a ton of huge fish.

Lake Erie is a massive lake that borders New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Ontario. From many spots on these shores or from a boat, you can go for yellow perch, trout, flathead catfish, and salmon. But, this massive lake is best known for its walleye, a prized game fish species that puts up a serious fight – many boat charters specialize in finding these guys.

3. Columbia River, Oregon

The Columbia River creates much of the border between Oregon and Washington before flowing into the Pacific and is one of the best coastal fishing grounds in the western US. While the river extends much further north, many experienced anglers from the region argue that the best places for fishing are below the Bonneville Dam, just east of Portland.

In the coastal estuaries and well upstream, huge populations of chum salmon, coho salmon, and king salmon thrive and put up a great fight on the line. Fall chinook salmon are a popular species as well. One of the greatest experiences you can have here is to hook a giant sturgeon of 10 feet or more in length – but note that this is a catch-and-release fish only.

4. Key West, Florida

The southern coast of the US consists of thousands of miles of access to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean – both fish-rich areas of the sea. Key West is not only a great place to head out and cast a rod, but is also a world-class vacation destination.

Some of the region’s most desirable fish are the many species of snapper that live around the reefs off the coast. Triggerfish, porgies, amberjack, and wahoo are other fun tropical types to go after. While you can fish from the shore of Key West, you’ll probably have more luck on a short boat ride to deeper water.

5. Prince Edward Island, Canada

Canada is a paradise of wilderness and wildlife, with many great spots to fish. One that stands out is Prince Edward Island, a small province off the coast of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, for its variety of fishing and relative ease of access while remaining slightly off the beaten path.

The inland waters of this island are great for catching rainbow and brook trout on flies. Ben’s Lake in its east is a stocked farm. A few great fly fishing tours can take you to the best spots and provide all the gear, no matter your experience with this type of fishing.

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