Essential Apps For Your Android Phone

Android is one the largest OSs being used by mobile users all over the world. Therefore, from utility applications to entertainment ones, there are millions of Android apps already in the market and millions still to come.

For a regular Android device user, this post lists the most essential Android apps that will make your everyday life easier and optimize your device usage. From Android virtual assistant and social media apps to productivity and security apps, the list has everything that an Android user may essentially need. Let’s take a look.

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1. AVG Antivirus

Android devices are quite prone to malware attack. So to keep your devices and data safe you need AVG Antivirus. AVG is already a household name for providing anti-virus solutions for computers and now you can have its app on your Android device.

It offers different ways to safeguard your device against malware like App Lock, Photo Value, WiFi security, app permissions, and hack alerts among many others. Also, you can use it to lock any app with PIN code, hide photos, kill tasks that slow down your device, and scan apps and games along with many other features.

2. Facebook

One of the biggest social media sites, Facebook allows you to stay in contact with your friends, follow your favorite celebrity or brand even engage in buying and selling. So having a Facebook app in your Android device is a must to keep yourself plugged into the world around you.

Both local and international big and small businesses can benefit from Facebook’s vast user-base. You can even play games, share your updates with friends and find local/ international events that may interest you all through this app.

3. Twitter

The largest microblogging social media site Twitter gives millions a platform to have their say. Having a Twitter app in your Android device will keep you up to date with information on topics that interest you plus you can always share your opinion and see what others are saying.

It also allows you to see what’s trending locally or internationally, see or post visual content, and get notices by sharing your hot takes on subjects. When it comes to businesses, Twitter gives you a good opportunity to stay connected with your customers or followers.

4. Viber Messenger

Viber has been providing free messaging plus video/ audio call service from quite some time. The app is pretty simple to use and has a lot of features that you’d appreciate in a messaging app.

You can make high-quality video and audio calls on both local and international numbers, create chat groups, share cute emojis, GIFs and stickers, and send self-destructing messages. Also, all the messages are end-to-end encrypted so you can be assured of the privacy.

5. Opera Mini

Every device needs a browser, and being a reliable and feature-rich browser, Opera Mini works wonderfully for all kinds of Android devices. It is a pretty fast browser owing to the many data centers around the world.

The best feature of Opera Mini is its greater focus on privacy. It is a secure browser giving you strict privacy protection on the web plus you can browse in the incognito mode that won’t leave any trace of your browsing history on the web.

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