Here is a detailed explanation of your itinerary

6 day 5 Night Trip

(Your 4 day trip will follow the same itinerary minus day 2 and day 5)

Pre Trip:

You will arrive at Manaus Eduardo Gomes Airport.

We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your hotel.

Please make sure you share with us your exact travel itinerary.

Itapiranga Amazonas

Day 1

At 6:00 A.m, the first day of your fishing trip, we will pick you up from your hotel with your designated driver and host.

we will then take a 5 hour drive to where we disembark in Itapiranga.

Here, we will meet up with the guides, load up all of your bags & equipment and bring you to our campsite.

Once you arrive at our fishing campsite, you can leave your bags with out housekeeping staff or choose to organize your things in your room by yourself.

We try to arrive and unload as fast as possible.

During this time we will eat lunch. Afterwards, we will load the boats and leave for your first day of Peacock Bass Fishing!

Packing Bass Boats

Day 2

We will begin the day with a lovely breakfast. Do not be shy to ask when you would like your breakfast. We can Accommodate you as early as 5:30 am.

After Breakfast, we will load the boats and leave for another day of peacock bass Fishing.

For Lunch, you may choose whether you would like to eat while out fishing or if you would like to return to camp.

* (Please let us know ahead of time so we can prepare).

If you choose to eat while out fishing, we will set up a nice traditional fish fry on an island with some hammocks for you to relax.

After lunch, we will head back out on the water for some more peacock bass fishing.

Before nightfall we will return to the campsite.
Here you can to relax with a shower and a beer. then, let's eat!

Cafe de Manhã

Day 3

We will prepare breakfast at the time you request.

* Here, we offer the option to head to rio jatapu for more fishing*

* If you choose not to camp. this will be the same as the other fishing days*

The Jatapu River is further north. It has different fish species that migrate to this particular part of the amazon. Some say it has larger peacock bass as well.

We will stop along the way as we travel up river to fish. Each spot up river is well known to our guides and will allow us to catch more monster fish.

late afternoon, we will arrive at our campsite unload our bags and set up our sleeping arrangements.

After dinner, we will go night fishing. Fish behave differently and different times of the day. Certain fish are more active while others choose to rest- know better place to witness this then in the amazon.

This is a great opportunity to see the different behaviours of the amazonian fish and to catch something new.

*This experience is highly recommended for those who want an even more authentic rainforest fishing experience.

Peacock Bass BBQ

Day 4

* if you choose the camping option*
you can choose to stay one more day or head back down river

* If you choose not to camp. this will be the same as the other fishing days*

If you choose to head back - The next morning we will make our way down the river periodically stopping at our different secret fishing spots along the way. Hopefully, the change of scenery gets us that monster peacock bass!

other than peacock bass fishing, this is an excellent time to try to catch other Amazonian fish species such as piraiba, pirarucu, and pirarara (giant catfish)

We will return to our main campsite late afternoon. Our staff will take your things, wash whatever you need and put your things back in your rooms.

dinner will be served once everyone is ready and we will relax before for another day out on the water.

Peacock Bass Fishing Guide

Day 5

We will wake up for breakfast at your desired time. Again, do not be shy, we can accommodate breakfast as early as 5:30am.

After Breakfast, we will load the boats and leave for another day of peacock bass fishing.

Again, you may choose whether to eat lunch out on the water for a traditional fish and meat bbq or back at our campsite.

after lunch, we will head back out on the water for some more peacock bass fishing.

Before nightfall, we will return to the camp. Here we can unwind, have a beer, take a shower all before enjoying a delicious dinner.

* on this night we offer the chance to go out and spot giant caimans.

our guides our able to mimic the caiman mating calls. We try and attract the largest ones so you can get up close and personal.

Also if you'd like we can catch a smaller one to give you an even more personal experience. Just ask !

Peacock bass

Day 6

We will wake up for breakfast at your desired time. once breakfast is finished, we will leave on the boat for your final day of fishing.

around 11:00 am we will return for lunch.
at approximately 12:30 we will pack our bags and load up the boats to head back to Itapiranga for 1:00 pm.

Here, your taxi will be waiting to drive you back to Manaus. ideally we would like to have you back at 6:00 pm to your hotel.

if you would like to leave earlier or slightly later we encourage you to please let us know so that we can accommodate you accordingly.

Summary of your Itinerary

* Reminder that your 4 day fishing charter is the same minus day 2 and 5*

Day 1

Day 2-5

* Food preferences: we serve traditional american breakfasts.

Other meals are primarily brasilian.

food such as delicious meat, fresh fish&vegetables, brasilian rice dishes and the famous local manioc.

If by chance you have any food restrictions please let us know prior to arrival and we will be more than happy to work with you!

Day 6

it is customary to leave a gratuity to your guide, the kitchen, maids and other on site staff.

All of our staff do their best to ensure that you have the best experience possible .

Please remember to show the the staff your appreciation before leaving!

We recommend a 10% tip towards host, kitchen and cleaning staff and your boating guide at your own discretion.