The Vampire Fish

What is a Vampire fish/ Payara?

The hydrolycus scomberoides, otherwise known as the payara, Vampire tetra and Vampire fish.

These fish are found in clean, fast flowing rivers where the water is turbulent including rapids and the bottoms of waterfalls.

They are mainly found in the amazon river basins with the majority found in the brazilian amazon.

They are pelagic fish, meaning they like to remain not on the surface, nor the river bed but rather in the middle, otherwise known as the 'pelagic zone'.

The Vampire fish are very popular with sports fisherman for being one of the most exciting fish to catch in the amazon rivers!


Does the Vampire fish/ Vampire tetra attack humans?

Do not fear! Unlike actual vampires, the vampire tetra never attack humans and there are no known cases of a payara attacking a human.

They do however have quite a large appetite and are constantly on the hunt.

Their favourite food? Piranhas. which is perfect seeing how the amazon rivers are FULL of piranhas.

On the rio Jatapu and Uatumã you will find plenty of vampire fish and they are a true joy to catch for any sports fisherman.

How big do payaras get ? and what is the biggest Vampire tetra ever caught?

a full grown Vampire fish can grow between 2-3 feet long and normally weigh around 25 to 30 pounds.

The largest vampire fish ever caught was an extraordinarily 3.5 feet long and 39.4 pounds caught in venezuela.

Vampire Fish

Vampire fish 'teeth' facts

Did you know? the Vampire tetra's teeth grow between 4-6 inches long. Much longer than count dracula's!

Did you know? the Payara's teeth are too long for its mouth. To accomodate their over sized teeth they have two holes on their top jaw where they can slot these teeth in.

Payara's are ferocious hunters and are constantly looking for their next meal. They use their lightning quick attack and large teeth too literally spear their prey like a shish kabob before consuming.

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