The Goliath Catfish of the amazon rivers.

What is a Piraiba?

A Brachyplatystoma vaillantii aka Piraiaba is a giant catfish belonging to the Goliath Catfish Family.

It is not only the biggest catfish in the Amazon but arguably the biggest fish in the Amazonian waters.

They are considered the hardest fish to catch in the amazon and this can be largely attributed to their massive body size.


How large can a Piraiba grow to? And what is the Piraiba catfish world record?

The Piraiba can are monsters. The can grow over 2M and over 400 lbs.

The largest ever recorded was 341 lbs 11 ounces and 6 feet long.

This is a very large fish that if you the right amount of effort, with the proper fishing tackle, you can expect to catch a giant during your time fishing the Amazon rivers.

Are Piraiba Migratory Species? and What do Piraiba catfish eat?

Yes Piraiba are, in fact, migratory.

Like most migratory species, their movement is associated with nutrient rich white water drainages and not nutrient poor dark waters.

Therefore, their migration up the amazon rivers begins at the end of the wet season once the water level lowers, the seawater returns, and the nutrients become more scarce.

Like most other amazonian catfish, they feed on crustaceans, other fish and fallen fruits.

Since they are such large fish it is not surprising that they swallow their food whole.

Other Piraiba Catfish facts

Piraiba are one of the most feared and respected animals in the amazon. - Forget Piranhas, jaguars, or anacondas.

These fish are said to have swallowed human beings whole.

when showering at night , the indigenous make sure not to go too far into the water out of fear of being swallowed by one of these colossal beasts.

If you would like to hear a story for yourself, you should watch River Monsters "Man Eating Monster" with jeremy wade , where he interviews people who apparently knew a piraiba's human victim.

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