Tackle & Techniques + Fly Fishing

Peacock bass are some of the most aggressive and powerful fish in the amazon.

To catch them you need patience, the right attitude, the right spot, and of course, the right equipment.

Peacock bass have been known to shred kevlar lines, straighten hooks and break a fisherman's willpower - especially when unprepared.

Here at Tarzan Fishing Adventures, our main goal is to ensure that you are properly equipped to be able to catch the biggest and best Peacock Bass!

*We have rods, lines and other fishing equipment available at your disposal however we recommend you bring your own Lures*

Here are some of our suggestions if you plan on bringing your own equipment.


Fishing Lures




For your Rod we recommend TFO  or Falcon rods. We recommend you get these long/medium handled rods that have the strength needed to hook set and pressure big fish. These rods are designed and engineered for Amazonia and Peacock Bass. 


We offer both bait casting and spinning setups, however we reccommend utilizing bait casting equipment when fishing with us on the Amazon River. 


It is important to remember that Peacock Bass are very strong and you have to have a rod that is able to handle these powerful and explosive fish.

*WARNING * Because Peacock Bass are so explosive there is a chance your rod may break. It is reccommended to bring a back up.



For your Line we recommend 65lb to 85lb braided Kevlar to avoid having any fish break you off. 

A 20 lb Peacock Bass can easily snap a 50lb braided line, therefore better safe than sorry.

We operate with mostly Power Pro and Spider Wire.



For your Reel we recommend Shimano Curado Reels.

Again, if you do not have the proper equipment we always have fishing gear at your disposal.


Here are the must have lures for peacock bass:

Peacock Bass Fishing Lures


Fly Fisherman

Guests are encouraged to bring their own fly fishing gear. There are spectacular areas to fly fish for Peacock Bass. If you would like to fly fish we can accommodate you. It will be our pleasure.




Heavy fly rods, high quality salt water type fly reels featuring smooth drags, strong tippets and monster flies are the standard when fly-fishing for Large Peacock Bass. 


Bring Heavy saltwater fly equipment  when fishing for Peacocks, if you to land a big one. 6 – 8 inch streamers of extruded nylon tied on 3/0 – 4/0 heavy hooks are necessary as are 30 – 40 pound tippets and 9 – 11 wt. fly rods.


It is important to note that it is not uncommon for a fisherman to come with their 2 piece fly rod and leave with a four piece fly rod.