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Here are the world's top five Giant Catfish

5. THE Goonch Catfish

Scientific Name: Bagarius Yarelli

World record Catch: 6.5 feet long and 230 lbs

Habitat: Inhabits large Mountainous rivers in India and Nepal

Other Facts: Is known as the catfish killer for its many large and sharp teeth.

Between 1998 and 2007 there were a series of suspicious drownings in India along the Kali river- a human killing goonch catfish was said to be responsible.

4. THE Blue Catfish

Scientific Name: Ictalurus furcatus

World record Catch: 5ft long and 150 lbs by richard Anderson USA

Habitat: Missisipi, Missouri, Ohio and Rio Grande River basin. Enjoy swift, deep freshwater rivers and channels.

Other Facts: Largely considered an invasive species since they eat absolutely everything and throw the food web off balance.

3. THE Piraiba Catfish

Scientific Name: Brachyplatystoma Capapretum

World record Catch: the world record catch for a piraiba is 341lbs and 6 ft long.

Habitat: Inhabits Freshwater and brackish habitats mostly in the amazon rivers . You will find high concentrations of these fish in the Uatumã and Rio Grande

Other Facts: It is the main migratory species of the amazon. They are said to travel distances of up to 5500 kilometres or toughly 3400 miles!

In the 1990's 3 brasilian men apparently went fishing and only two came back. The third man was swallowed up to his ankles by a giant piraiba. This was documented in a Jeremy Wade episode of River Monsters.

2. THE Wels Catfish

Scientific Name: Siluris Glanis

World record Catch: the world record for a Wels Catfish is 8.8 ft long and 280lbs caught by dino ferrari in the Po river - italy.

Habitat: Native to wide areas of central, southern and eastern europe, in the basins of the baltic, black and caspian seas.

Other Facts: Wels Catfish , similar to the eel, have the ability to swim backwards.

1. THE Mekong Delta Catfish

Scientific Name: pangasianodon

World record Catch: the world record catch of a mekong catfish was 9ft 646lbs in thailand - according to the guiness book of world records.

Habitat: The mekong Delta catfish lives in river channels of over 10m/33ft deep. This fish is endemic to the mekong river. Found mainly in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Other Facts: Unlike other catfish they are strict herbivores and feed off plants and algae in the river

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