Peacock Bass

Who we Are?

Who we Are?

Peacock Bass
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Four years ago I began a career as a cameraman and actor on television's #1 Fishing TV show 'Chasing Monsters' and now 'Last of the Giants'.

During this time, I travelled the world to the most remote fishing locations on the planet - searching for and catching the largest and most monstrous fish that exist.

Eventually, i wanted create my own fishing experience. I wanted to bring together fisherman with the same adventures, fish, and local experiences that i was so fortunate to have experienced while working for a national geographic tv show.

After living, fishing and filming in Tahiti, Gabon, Panama, Kiribati, and many Other countries... I fell in love with one place in particular. - The Brazilian Amazon! and I decided that it would be here where i would make that dream come true.

Here in the amazon we have some of the most entertaining and abundant fishing in the world.

Our focus at Tarzan Fishing Adventures is Peacock Bass fishing.

My goal is to get our clients to catch the biggest peacock bass, at the best fishing spots with the most knowledgable guides while having the most authentic experience.

exactly what i have been so fortunate to experience.

Do you love to fish? Do you love Peacock Bass? Do you want to fish the Amazon?

If s0- Make your next fishing trip a Peacock Bass Fishing Trip with us at Tarzan Fishing Adventures.


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We strive to give back to the local fisherman and community by working with the local community and sharing ownership.

above all else, we encourage the re-population and preservation of the Peacock Bass, other fish species, and local environment.

We understand that while these populations thrive, we thrive. therefore, we aim to have a successful business while respecting the environment, being transparent with our guests and working as a team with the locals and our staff.

Peacock Bass Fishing Guides


Our mission is to bring fisherman of all skill levels Peacock Bass Fishing on the Amazon River.

We aim to provide an unforgettable, all inclusive fishing vacation that focuses on Peacock Bass. We also aim to give the opportunity to catch the many different types of fish that live in the amazon Rivers.

Peacock Bass Trip


Over the next years we aim to build the most popular and well reputed fishing vacation for peacock bass in the Amazon. Eventually becoming one of the top competitors in the world.

We aim to keep renovating our main campsite and adding multiple satellite camps deeper in the jungle.

We also aspire to create new avid sports fisherman who come to us for their first peacock bass fishing experience.