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R.Noel Rosas 69 – Tarumã, Manaus – AM

69054 – 326 Brazil

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WhatsApp: +1-612-799-3024

United States: 612-799-3024

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Remember ! We speak English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese!

In our offseason we organize survival trips in the amazon. If this is something you'd be interested in check us out at Jesse's Amazon Adventures!

Frequently asked questions

Usually you will arrive in the afternoon in Manaus. We recommend you check into a hotel to relax after the long flight. We will pick you up the following day (early morning) to bring you to our campsite and to begin fishing. Afterwards you will have 6 days of fishing and 5 nights with us , or 4 days and3 nights depending on your stay.

There is about a five hour drive from the city of Manaus to Itapiranga where we will disembark. We fish the Jatapu and Uatumã – both of which are world renowned for peacock and a variety of other fishing !

Expect to eat a lot of meat and fish since we are in Brazil. For breakfast you can expect traditional eggs, meat, fruit,  pancakes etc. For supper and lunch we like to cook a lot of fresh fish, meats, with vegetables and lovely local desserts like ‘flan’. If you have any special requests feel free to ask us and we can incorporate it into out shopping and cuisine!

Our campsite  allows for two guests per room and we have 3 rooms.

We offer the option to go night fishing once during the week. This is next to indigenous land where we have the option to visit the tribe. We also offer an adventure into the jungle in search of monkeys, anacondas and even jaguars! If you would like to do any of this you can request it before arrival or on site. We will do our best to accommodate you! 

We have staff that speak English, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Spanish!

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